About David Hardman

frustrated guitarist, terrible singer, lover of music and methodist minister…

I’m in my fifties, have lived most of my life in North West England and for over quarter of a century I have been a Methodist Minister. I was laughed at in primary school when I tried to sing in a music lesson – by the teacher! In spite of being told many, many, times I am tone deaf I have learnt to play guitar, over the past few years I have, with a bunch of mates, promoted live music in a Cheshire village (www.maltnmusic.co.uk), I love going to gigs. This is not the first time I have blogged. After my 49th birthday I decided to set myself a challenge of going to 50 gigs in my fifty year. I blogged about the experience and attended my 50th gig on the night before my 50th birthday! (fiftyfifty)

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