God is With Us

Danny Schmidt @ The Water Rats Oct 1st 2019 In so many ways we have deradicalized the incarnation. We have lost the miraculous depth of truth within the statement that God is with us, rather emphasising God as the benevolent stranger who walks alongside us until our life gets too much and then, just beforeContinue reading “God is With Us”

True love dwells and even grows in the waiting space.

Waiting for You by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Cave writes ‘the lyrics and the vocal performance emanate from deep inside the lived experience itself’1, in this instance he is writing about the Pogues classic. ‘Fairytale in New York’. Few could argue, on listening to his own composition ‘Waiting for You’, that such a description isn’tContinue reading “True love dwells and even grows in the waiting space.”

The Communion of Souls

‘Though we are many, we are one body, because we all share in one bread’ I am missing live music. Just under a couple of years ago I moved to a new house. I am not sure where the idea came from but after the first couple of gigs I went to from the newContinue reading “The Communion of Souls”

Yihla Moja – Come Spirit of Activism

It’s a damp August Sunday afternoon at Greenbelt* 2018. I’m on duty, wearing a Hi-Viz coat in an attempt to keep warm and dry but it also makes me instantly accessible to the festival goers. As I approach the main stage an older woman comes towards me and states… “My friends will never believe me!”Continue reading “Yihla Moja – Come Spirit of Activism”

Spiritual Hospitality

So much of our intake of music is fleeting and transient. The muzak of the shopping mall. The radio playing in the corner of the workplace. The pub soundtrack drowned by our own banter and laughter. Occasionally, in these situations, we become vaguely aware of it’s presence. We may even declare to those we areContinue reading “Spiritual Hospitality”